The McKenzie Institute International runs a programme of certification through formal examination which determines levels of competency in practitioners of the McKenzie system of treatment for mechanical disorders of the back and neck. This register of trained and competent therapists has been established so that interested medical practitioners may identify persons trained to a satisfactory level in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for the spine.

Referring practitioners and patients alike are advised that they ask for treatment by the persons listed in our Therapist page. The McKenzie Institute cannot confidently supply to doctors and patients the names of therapists who have not demonstrated at least minimal acceptable levels of competency through formal examination.

The list of therapists includes those subscribing members, resident in the UK, who have demonstrated clinical competency by taking and passing the Institute’s Credentialling Examination.

The Institute also awards its own Diploma to successful candidates in recognition of the attainment of the highest level of achievement in the Institute’s International Programme of Education in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. Practitioners with this qualification are indicated by the letters “Dip MDT”.

The McKenzie Institute International has also started a programme of certification of clinics around the world. Certified McKenzie Clinics have at least one Dip MDT holder and, under the scrutiny of the McKenzie Institute International, offer the full McKenzie system of treatment (including REPEX) to the highest standards. They are indicated by the letters “CMC”.